Here at Dogology, We Speak DOG!

We've been hanging out together, us and our dogs, for a long time. Millenia, really. We always love them. Sometimes we loathe them. As much joy as they can bring to our days, they can also be cheeky as hell. Puzzling questions about why our dogs do or don't do often persist the whole time we have one of our dogs 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Why does my dog freak out every time I leave? I have to take her to doggy day care when i go to work.
  • What do I do about my aggressive dog? I'm afraid to have him around kids.
  • How do I ever housebreak my dog? He still pees and poops in the same place on the living room carpet.

These are complex questions. Like other questions in life, sometimes you need help with the answers. A coach. Or a doctor. Or an expert. Why not a personal dog trainer? Wouldn’t it be great if you could consult with a professional dog trainer from home using your smartphone? Well, now you can.

Training  & Rates

Virtual Training is a new thing. Like visiting with a therapist on the phone but for you and your dog. When you schedule Virtual Training, you'll video chat with us for a bit, and then we'll send you a personal training plan. As you progress, email follow-up is included in the price of the initial consultation. ðŸ¡ Read More

Schedule Training

You can schedule Virtual Training at a time that's convenient for you. We'll do your first consultation using video chat and work with you to develop a personalized dog training plan. Email follow-up is available forever with you and your dog.  📆 Schedule Now

Mobile App


Our iPhone App does cool some things and we're going to make it better. It certainly makes dogs WAY more cool with four Augmented Reality dogs. It has dog training and puppy training lessons you can carry around with you and a clicker. It's not as useful as it it could be, the Dogology app, but it's a start. And it's fun. Please give it a try. 📱 Read More

Training Foundations

Training Foundations are basic lessons you and your dog should learn. There are six easy-to-follow plans. If you need help with one, then let us know.  Start with How Dogs Learn and proceed to our Training Foundations plan. If you decide you and your dog need Virtual Training, let us know. 🎓 Read More

Chat with a Trainer

Click the chat icon to talk to a Dogologist. We're here much of each day to answer questions. If we're not around, please get us a way to reach you: name, email or phone, your dog's name, and the challenges the two of you are having. We'll get back to you pretty quick most days.

Why Dogology?

Why Dogology? It's such a good question. We could tell you lots of things about how awesome and smart we are. And we are. But we GET what it is to pour love and sweat and tears into a dog that sometimes is just, well, difficult. Really difficult. We know how to help you and your dog because of our lifetime of experience and education with and about dogs. ❤️ Read More