We've posted a number of articles on the basics of dog training and we'll add more every week. 


Basics: How Dogs Learn

There are two primary modalities on how dogs learn. Understanding these modalities is key to training your dog or puppy.


Basics: Clicker Training

A simple introduction to clicker training. Whether you prefer this approach or not, understanding it is important since you'll hear and read a lot about it.


Basics: Debunking Dominance

There are two philosophical approaches that are widely debated in animal behavior. Our approach is based on positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. We do science-based virtual training. You'll read a lot about other approaches. Dominance is one we don't use, but know it's important you know what it's all about.


Basics: "Leave It" Command

After learning some of the basics of dog training and cognition, "leave-in"  is the first command we teach. It's the one that could save you, your house, and your dog's life.


Basics: Housebreaking Your Puppy or Dog

Let's face it, housebreaking your puppy is priority one. An dog that eliminates in your home or apartment is even more challenging. We cover the basics in this article.


Basics: Leash Training

Training your dog to walk loosely on a leash can make the walks you take safer. And more fun for both of you.